Tuesday, March 16, 2010


(Jenna of course logged on as Mark)... Its been haunting me that we have updated the blog in forever! Procrastinated so long that I got embarrassed and didnt even know what to say. Pushing that aside here is where we stand. January 2010 our scans came back good (all tumors still remaining in the liver only). At that point our MELD score was bumped up to a 27. A year ago they were doing transplants at a MELD score between 27 and 29. But as supply and demand changes so does that, and at this point they are transplanting between 29 and 32. End of March we have another round of scans. If all comes back as expected then we will be assigned a 29. And then the heat is on my friends. The clock will officially start to click loud in our heads and staring at the pager will become a bigger part of our lives. But we are ready (well as ready as one can be). With Jonathan being over 2 now I think in many ways he will be way easier for us to take care of for the 2 or so weeks that Marks in the hospital. But now at this age if Mark isn't around its "when daddy coming back" or vice versa when I am not home. So that part will make it rougher on everyone taking care of Jonathan since we haven't decided what we tell Jonathan about Mark's health stuff. Hmmmmm something to research which I have been meaning to do. Anyway otherwise we are doing really great. Enjoying our time as a family doing normal stuff that families do.... And after being in a holding pattern now for just over 2 yrs, trying to muster up the courage to go to the next level in this process is taking bigger hmmmmm can't think of the proper word... "bigger balls"than I have! Eeeeeks i will also need to research how I can get "bigger balls" HEHE!!! But really I have ZERO doubt that Mark, Jonathan and me are going to be more than okay. When I see my future I see them BOTH in it- so bring it on. I think we are more ready than we realize! A wise woman once said to me "DO IT!!!" And I think we are ready to march forward and do just that ....... "do it"!!!!

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