Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Posting from Jenna signed in as Mark (again)

clearly cant remember my log in password...
anyhow... we are still her. on the list at a 25 (i think ok that is bad yes we go to a 27 in November). so we are way up on the list. rolling the pager (which i told Mark pagers are so lame and like so 1991 so he can't let it be visible...only like doctors and Lisa carry pagers these days :) all kidding aside he is dragging that lil ticking time bomb around with him. so surreal really.
we are ready for another round of massive labs and scans. yuk. no fun. and some crazy heart attack and lung test. oh yes we love tests NOT!!! but we are having a great summer. and besides the cancer and impending liver transplant ... we really can't complain... ;)
mark did some changes to his pain meds and really started feeling good again. it was like boom he got sorted out. and he seems happier lately, which i savor. we need him happy and comfy...its my goal in life!
thanks for reading and caring ...