Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the latest is the greatest

so its jenna again logged on as mark.
as mentioned before the ct scan didn't show any spot in the hip area (where that first octreotide scan showed something). mark went to ucla and our oncologist there said he was confident that the first test showed a false positive result. our liver transplant coordinator at ucla submitted the ct scan that showed no cancer outside of the liver. and now we are waiting to hear back from UNOS. fingers super tightly crossed that UNOS agrees with UCLA and puts Mark back on the list in his same spot with a MELD score of 25. we should hear back within about a week. as the transplant coordinator said this could all just be a hiccup on the radar and we are back to where we were at. i would call it more of a heart attack on the radar (gez oh if this was all just a false alarm i will be so happy!!!). ok thats what we know. we will let you know when we find out our UNOS Transplant status.