Thursday, August 7, 2008

At last

Hi everyone, we just found out today that Blue Shield is going to pay for the liver transplant. Now Mark will be assigned a number and put on the national donor recipient list. For those of you following along at home, Mark's number (liver function) needs to be at a 28 or higher to receive a liver. They ucla has told us that cancer tumors don't mess up your liver's functionality (is that a word?) So his number will be like an 8 and as more tumors grow and beat up his liver his number will get higher. But rather than wait until we get that close and feel that sick ucla has offered to write and speak to UNOS (folks in charge) and plead Mark's case for transplant now while he is in good shape and can heal quicker and take on the recovery needed for such a major surgery. Ka pesh?
Again thanks everyone for caring so much about us and continuing to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We really feel like the positive and hopeful energy you send our way helps. By being realistic and optimistic we are able to live and enjoy our life today and forge forward with great excitement. I hope I am making sense. I am a bit giddy with this great news.

M, J and lil j